You’ll probably want to know who’ll be knocking at your door when your renovation starts. So here’s our team …

Darrel Assink

Managing Director & Project Manager

Darrel has over twenty years of industry experience with at least thirteen of those years being dedicated solely to renovations.

Auckland Renovation | Ryan Johns

Ryan Johns

Tradesmen, Site Lead & 2IC

Ryan has progressed within the company at an exceptional pace and now holds the role of 2IC. He is always super fussy and very adaptable.

Trey Fairburn

3rd Year BCITO Apprentice

Tray is our 3rd year BCITO Apprentice, and is already proving to be ahead of his time. He displays a keen and motivated attitude. Coming from a construction background, many skills have been transferrable.

Karl Mattsson

Tradesmen & Site Lead

Karl always produces high grade work and is very fussy. He has 40+ years of building knowledge and skills.

Jordan Hohaia

Jordan Hohaia

Tradesmen & Site Lead

Jordan has a strong work ethic, excellent organisational skills and brings many years of industry experience.

Jake Gill

3rd Year BCITO Apprentice

Jake is our 3rd year apprentice and is gaining skills quickly, he isn't afraid of pitching in, and getting his hands dirty.

Troy Dunsmuir

BCITO Apprentice

Troy is self motivated and keen to get stuck in. His skills he has brought with him from previous roles, have enabled him to pick things up quickly and efficiently.

Luke Robb

BCITO Apprentice

Our newest team member Luke. Has a vibrant energetic personality, which fits perfectly into the team and he is eager to learn

Derek Shaw

Decorating - Operations Manager

Derek joins the NZRC Decorating Team with over 30+ years experience in painting and special finishes. He produces high quality work and has a keen eye for detail.

Our Services

Services we offer include:

Advice & planning
Design & draughting
Building, construction & engineering
Project management

Our Preferred Suppliers

We choose to work with the following suppliers but we are completely open to working with your preferred suppliers. We’ll just need to know before your project commences so we can make sure your supplier is contacted and aware of the project plan and deadlines.